New Vertical Saw - Titano 19-23

D'Arcy Saw will start manufacturing a vertical metering bandsaw.

This saw will be the Heaviest Duty Vertical bandsaw in the world.

The design focus is Extreme Duty and Simplicity.

The saw will produce maximum cutting rates and a projected life expectancy of 40 years plus.

Over a 30 year span D’Arcy Saw has built 7 vertical prototype saws and they are all operational today.

The saw will tilt to a complete swing 62° of mitering capacity.


  • H.P.: 7½
  • Blade: 1½"
  • Feed: Hydraulic
  • Drive: A.C. Inverter
  • S.F.M.: 60-380 (infinite)
  • Table: 1¼" thick A36 (solid steel)
  • Bandwheels: 19" diameter (air hardened iron)
  • Gearbox: 325 lb (helical spiral bevel) reducer with heat treated gears
  • Carriage: 3½" thick solid A36 beams
  • Rollers: 10 - 2" diameter sealed
  • Rails: 1" diameter high carbon heat treated and ground
  • Mitering: 62° off CL; 28° off horizontal
  • Cutting Capacity: 19½" horizontal; 23" vertical at zero
  • Blade Guides: Solid carbide (full face contact)
  • Tilt: Manual (complete balance movement)

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